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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2017Hybrid Atomistic-Continuum Simulation Tool for Multiphase Flow with Phase ChangeMao, Yijin; Zhang, Bo; Chen, Chung-Lung; Zhang, Yuwen
21-Jul-2014Introduction to Molecular/Multiscale Simulations of BoilingZhang, Yuwen
21-Jul-2014How to create a simulation boxMao, Yijin; Fu, Ting
21-Jul-2014Multiscale Solver based on LAMMPS/OpenFOAMMao, Yijin; Zhang, Yuwen
31-Jul-2013Evaluation of Water PropertiesMao, Yijin; Zhang, Yuwen
31-Jul-2013Explosive Boiling of ArgonSeyf, Hamid; Zhang, Yuwen
31-Jul-2013Heterogeneous Boiling of WaterMao, Yijin; Zhang, Yuwen
31-Jul-2013Homogeneous Boiling of WaterMao, Yijin; Zhang, Yuwen
6-Nov-2011Cover for Proceedings of the 10th International Heat Pipe SymposiumKang, S.W.; Yang, L.J.
6-Nov-2011Table of Contents and Foreword for Proceedings of the 10th International Heat Pipe SymposiumKang, S.W.; Yang, L.J.
6-Nov-2011Integration of Heat Pipes in Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Concentrating Solar PowerFaghri, Amir
6-Nov-2011Nuclear Reactor Must Need Heat Pipe for CoolingMochizuki, Masataka; Nguyen, Thang; Sugihara, Shinichi; Mashiko, Koichi; Saito, Yuji ; Nguyen, Tien; Wuttijumnong, Vijit
6-Nov-2011Thermal Performance of a Heat Pipe for Medium-Temperaturethermal Storage SystemPark, Min Kyu; Boo, Joon Hong
6-Nov-2011Flow Regime Recognition in Two-Phase Thermosyphon Loops Using Pressure Pulse AnalysesRuppersberg, JC; Dobson, RT
6-Nov-2011Fabrication and Performance of High and Super High Temperature Heat PipesQu, Wei; Duan, Yan-Jun
6-Nov-2011A Flat Plate Heat Pipe with Screen Meshes for the Cooling of Electronic ComponentsLefèvre, Frédéric; Conrardy, Jean-Baptiste; Raynaud, Martin; Bonjour, Jocelyn
6-Nov-2011Ultra Thin Heat Pipe and its ApplicationAoki, Hirofumi; Ikeda, Masami; Kimura, Yuichi
6-Nov-2011Visualization and Evaporation Resistance Measurement for Groove-Wicked Flat-Plate Heat Pipes: Various Working Fluids and Powder-Groove EvaporatorWong, Shwin-Chung; Chen, Chung-Wei
6-Nov-2011Development of Cooling System of LED Headlamp for Vehicle Using Vapor Chamber Type Heat PipeYeo, Ji-Won; Lee, Hyun-Jik; Ha, Soo-Jung; Lee, Sang-Il; Gu, Yeon-U; Kim, Jong-Soo
6-Nov-2011An Experimental Study in the Fundamentals of Evaporation from Porous StructureYeu, Y.L.; Vakhguelt, A.