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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Nov-2011A Flat Plate Heat Pipe with Screen Meshes for the Cooling of Electronic ComponentsLefèvre, Frédéric; Conrardy, Jean-Baptiste; Raynaud, Martin; Bonjour, Jocelyn
14-May-2007About sustainability metricsLior, Noam
14-May-2007Advancement of Solar Thermal TechnologiesDavidson, Jane
6-Nov-2011An Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Closed-End Oscillating Flat Heat Pipe (CEOFHP)Khantikomol, Preecha; Srimuang, Wasan
6-Nov-2011An Experimental Study in the Fundamentals of Evaporation from Porous StructureYeu, Y.L.; Vakhguelt, A.
1-Jul-2010An Extension Faghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen
6-Nov-2011An Ultra-Small Wankle Engine by MEMS ProcessYang, L.J.; Wang, T.H.; Chien, K.C.; Kang, S.W.; Feng, C.K.; Lin, Y.H.; Ou, Y.C.
28-Jun-2010Analogy and Differences in Different Transport Phenomenon Processes - 4.10 AHMTFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen; Howell, John
28-Jun-2010Application and Exploitation of Radiative Properties - 9.4 AHMTFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen; Howell, John
28-Jun-2010Application of Computational Methods - 4.9 AHMTFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen; Howell, John
1-Jul-2010Applications of Multiphase Heat Transfer - 1.6 TPMSFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen
14-May-2007Applications of Near-Field Thermal Radiation in Energy Conversion and ManufacturingZhang, Zhuomin
28-Jun-2010Applications of Radiative Transfer - 10.6 AHMTFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen; Howell, John
2-Jul-2010Applications of Solid-Liquid Phase Change - 6.9 TPMSFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen
1-Jul-2010Area-Averaged Models for Channel Flows - 4.5 TPMSFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen
1-Jul-2010Basic Definitions, Terminology and Governing Equations - 5.2 AHMTFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen; Howell, John
14-May-2007Biological Systems and Biotechnology: Its Role in Translational Science and EducationTripathi, Anubhav
21-Dec-2010Biomass EnergyToosi, Reza
2-Jul-2010Boiling in Porous Media - 10.7 TPMSFaghri, Amir; Zhang, Yuwen
14-May-2007Boiling Phenomena on NanostructuresBanerjee, Debjyoti