Frontiers in Heat Pipes (FHP)

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A premiere open-access and peer-reviewed frontier journal site, serving the needs of the Heat Pipe community. Frontiers in Heat Pipes has the same submission and acceptance process - including peer review - as traditional publishing, but the works are published online and are available globally to view and download. See the latest research or submit an article.

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The Frontiers in Heat Pipes is a peer-reviewed online journal that provides a central vehicle for the exchange of basic ideas in heat pipes between researchers and engineers around the globe. It disseminates information of permanent interest in the area of heat pipe science and technology. Fundamental and applied research including but not limited to the following areas are welcome: solid-liquid-vapor phenomena and interfacial heat and mass transfer, modeling and simulation of heat pipe systems, heat transport limitations, continuum transient and frozen startup operation of heat pipes, two-phase closed thermosyphons, rotating and revolving heat pipes, variable conductance heat pipes, capillary pumped loops and loop heat pipe systems, micro miniature heat pipe technology, heat pipe heat exchangers, nonconventional heat pipes, special effects heat pipes, pulsating (oscillating) heat pipes, as well as the design, testing, and manufacturing of heat pipes.

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